What is OGS Screen in the Rugged Outdoor tablet BT67?

Rugged Phone/Tablet is most used in the outdoors, when the sunlight is very strong, then the sunlight readability must be very good. That’s why we built the devices with OGS Screen.

Rugged Waterproof military tablet

OGS[One Glass Solution] is a touch screen technology which reduces the thickness of display. It removes one of the layers of glass from the traditional capacitive touch screen stack. The basic idea is to replace the touch module glass by a thin layer of insulating material. In general, there are two ways to achieve this.

One approach to OGS is called “sensor on lens.” (In this case, the “lens” refers to the cover glass layer.) You deposit an Indium Tin oxide(ITO, used as electrodes to sense touch) layer on the back of the cover glass and pattern it to create the electrodes. You add a thin insulator layer to the bottom of that, and then deposit a second ITO layer on the back of that, patterning it to create electrodes running at right angles to the first layer. This module then gets laminated onto a standard LCD panel. The other approach is called “on-cell” capacitive touch screen. (Here the “cell” refers to the LCD display.) A conductive layer of ITO is deposited directly onto the top layer of glass in the LCD panel, and then patterned into electrodes. A thin insulating layer is applied, and then the second ITO layer is patterned with the second layer of electrodes. Finally, the top polarizing layer is applied on top, and the display is completed by adding the cover glass.

The OGS technology is in our Rugged Phone-BP25 and Rugged Outdoor tablet-BT67.


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