What are the highlights on Rugged Handheld PDA BH84

When you are looking to purchase a rugged handheld PDA, you may get over 100 different devices in the Google.

“That is great! I have so many choices” – You may say, then headache come – “Which one is the best for me?”. You need some advices – 16 Rules You Should Consider Before Buying a Rugged Handheld Computers, and you need to check the highlights and specification of each device, and you can always contact us for some extra advice as well.

Now here are the Design highlights our new rugged handheld BH84.

  1. Shockproof Design
  • Black soft shell – for buffering when dropping.
  • Blue hard rubber – protecting the touch screen from impact directly.
  1. High Sensitive & Strong Touch Screen
  • Toughened Glass 1.1mm.
  • Support operation with water or gloves.
  1. Battery Design
  • Double Sets of contact points, double insurance.
  • 5000mah high quality battery.
  1. Crystal Physical button
  • Characters inside the buttons, it will not be scratched out.
  • With backlight for operation in the dark.
  1. Charging & Data transfer points
  • Magnet in the cable to attract to the handheld.
  • Fixer to keep the cable not moving, for stable charging & Data transferring.

Bright Alliance’s experts have over 4 years’ experience researching and designing the handhelds, we keep improving our products, to make it higher quality and excellent.

Still have questions on this rugged handheld? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


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