What’s the core competences of Bright Alliance

core competences of Bright Alliance

Choosing a rugged device supplier is an important decision, especially when you’re looking to get a long-term partner. You want to make sure the supplier can meet your needs, provides excellent productivity, and has professional services.

So what’s the core competences of Bright Alliance?

We often discussing about the products with our customers, collecting the feedback, thinking what our customers need, then get solutions and design into our new models.
For example: BH84, it has 5 unique designs – (1) Shockproof; (2) Double sets of contact points; (3) Crystal physical button; (4) Back-light for the physical button; (5) Charging & Data transfer points. Get more info here.

We believe quality is very important in industrial use. We purchase high quality components from good suppliers, assembly in our factory which passed the ISO certificates, we have all sets of test devices and QA team, ensure the quality of all our products.
For example: BH9, the 1D and 2D scanner are all from Motorola and Honeywell, fingerprint sensor is from Fingerprints(Sweden), we paid high cost to get high quality.

Project Experience
We have great experience on different projects in UK/USA/Thailand/UAE/Australia/South America, including OEM and ODM. Our customers are Integrator and Solution Providers, creating new services and usages such as FLEET Management, GPS Tracking, ID Control, Voting Control, Offense Ticket management, SIM Card registration, or Mobile Payment\. We control the full chain, from mechanical design to PCB, or even antennas.
For example:
(1) Rugged tablet to TESCO with Microlise vehicle management system (They took 6,000 pcs in 2014 and keep ordering in 2015 ).
(2) Rugged tablet for USA customer in trucking industrial using (We made ODM for them and with production 70,000 pcs).
(3) Rugged phone with NFC for attendance use in Australia & Chile.
(4) Rugged handheld with fingerprint and barcode for UAE government project.
(5) Rugged handheld with Barcode scanner for Thailand government project.
(6) Rugged handheld with Barcode scanner for Russia logistic warehouse management.

Shipment Volume / Feedback / RMA
Our total shipment volume is around 50,000pcs every year. We have customers in Europe/North America/Middle east/South America/Australia, the feedback of our products are always good. The RMA is around 0.3%.
For example: We have sold over 10000pcs BT88 to UK and USA, the feedback is very good and the RMA is 0.2%.

Technical Support
Technical support is the most important in the industrial projects, because customers always need redeveloped on the devices, to make it working in their systems or with other devices.
Our engineer team can provide all the SDK and technical support. If you have any need, we will response in 48 hours, providing the solutions.

Our devices are able to be serviced in the case of damage, our devices’ design is plain, very easy for repairing. For some small problems, we can supply spare parts and our customers’ engineer team can fix the problems by themselves.
For example: for most products, the micro USB interface is built-in the motherboard, when it is broken, need to replace the whole motherboard. In our BT77, we design the micro USB interface in a separate board, it is very easy to change it.


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