5 Criteria for Selecting Warehouse Rugged handheld Devices and Gaining Efficiency

When it comes to purchasing new Rugged Handheld Devices for your warehouse, it can be a very costly decision given the resources needed to make the switch. In fact, equipping every vehicle and employee with new devices to help manage the pallets and accessing locations is costly, but necessary to retain prime efficiency. However, the harsh environment does require a rugged tablet computer to survive.
Of course, maintaining and improving the efficiency of your business require making difficult decisions to include new equipment such as the purchase of items like the industrial android tablet. In order to maximize your return of investment, here are five essential tips that will help you get the most out of your new equipment.


Choose Equipment with an Ingress Protection (IP) Rating of 65 or Above

When it comes to computers and in particular tablets which are exposed to the harsh conditions of a warehouse, a rating of IP65 or above is essential otherwise what you purchase may not last very long. Getting an IP67 rugged tablet pc for example will mean having a device that resists water, dust, dirt, sand, temperature swings, humidity and impacts that would destroy a common, unprotected tablet.

Use Interchangeable Mounting Systems

Mounting a rugged Android tablet to a forklift or other device means that it will only go with the vehicle which is good. However, if it breaks down then you have a useless piece of technology taking up space. Use interchangeable mounts so that devices can be removed when needed under secure conditions. This will not only allow for better security, it will also mean having to purchase fewer devices since they can be moved around from machine to machine.

Increased Back lighting Capabilities

Glare is one of the biggest issues with most screens even under normal lighting conditions. This problem is exacerbated when the screen is in direct sunlight, so having sufficient backlight to counter the glare is essential when considering an industrial tablet PC. Plus, proper backlighting will help in low light situations as well. You may need to experiment with glare-reducing screens to strike the right balance in terms of lighting.

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Efficient Antennas to Ensure Good Communication

Large machinery has the annoying habit of disrupting communication efforts between your devices. Add to this the numerous pallets, racks and other metal strips and materials that break up effective communications and the need for antennas is apparent. The good news about antennas is that today they are small, inexpensive and rather easy to replace if they get damaged.

Add Bar-Code & RFID Scanners to Improve Overall Visibility

By adding these readers to your waterproof tablet PC along with other tools, you can not only keep track of the inventory as it changes, you can also maximize the efficiency of your operations by located areas that are empty and keeping track of new materials that come in to the warehouse.

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By adding new technology such as a waterproof Android tablet that resists the humidity and environment of your warehouse not only means increasing efficiency, but having technology that will last for a long period of time so your employees can work smarter and more productively.

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