Rugged Tablets – A Must for the Transportation Industry


The transportation industry in the United States dedicates its efforts on delivering products to locations around the country in the most efficient manner possible. Getting the shipment to its destination on time is not just a matter of speed, but of a series of calculations that balance fuel prices, processes paperwork, locates optimal routes for drivers and emphasizes safety to avoid potential accidents and delays from occurring.

Until the advent of rugged tablets, the transportation industry was limited to paper reports that were held in countless folders which contained information of shipping and cargo documentation. Each delivery had its own set of documents and maps that identified the best route on the highway to reach the destination. Unfortunately, this caused a considerable amount of clutter and inefficiency when road conditions changed or new additions were made after the initial paperwork was completed.

The Advent of the Industrial Tablet PC in the Transportation Industry

When mobile technology became practical around a decade ago, the rise of the rugged tablet computer made it possible to greatly increase the efficiency in the trucking industry. While the changeover from paper documents to mobile devices is still occurring, it is estimated that nearly 80% of the transportation industry will rely on such computers in the very near future. It will not be long before a billion mobile communication devices will be a part of US transportation.

Such devices like the industrial Android tablet can carry the proper documentation, GPS applications and routes that will direct the driver to the proper location. Such devices are being improved on a continual basis thanks to new software that helps improve logistics, scheduling, and overall management of the workforce thanks to the rugged tablet computer that keeps everyone informed at the same time.

Improving Safety

The rugged Android tablet for example has actually helped improve overall safety on the road thanks to its easy to access features. The large screen for example helps the driver find better routes, avoid construction areas and keep them informed of the latest developments when their waterproof tablet PC is positioned where they can see it when driving.

Keeping truckers awake is a huge priority in the industry which is why monitoring their driving hours is imperative. The IP67 rugged tablet PC for example provides the information on how long a trucker has been driving while the device itself withstands the harsh elements so that it continues to work over time.

Adding route management apps not only means finding more efficient routes, but also complying with state and federal regulations when it comes to better managing the hours of the driver so that they can get the rest they need which help avoid accidents in the future. The waterproof Android tablet which will hold up against tough environmental conditions is part of this important equation which may save the lives of truck drivers and anyone in their path.

In addition, having rugged tablets makes it easier for the authorities to examine the hours logged and the routes taken by the driver. To follow all safety regulations thanks to the assistance from the tablets helps improve the overall safety for everyone.

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