How Rugged Computer Help in Managing Inventory

How Rugged Computer Help in Managing Inventory

A rugged tablet allows a company to take advantage of mobile computing technology in various aspects of their operations that were not possible in the past. The devices can be given to employees in locations that were not able to use mobile technology before. A rugged computer has the software and hardware needed to manage various business systems. It is durable enough to be used on the work floor while exposed to various risks. One aspect of the operations that can benefit the most when using rugged mobile devices is the management of the inventory.

Implementing rugged tablets in warehouses can help a business improve their inventory management. This can help bolster the efficiency of the operations that will help the bottom line of the company in the long run. Below are some ways that a rugged computer can help in managing the inventory.

1. Management of Perpetual Inventory

Perpetual inventory management is a task that is difficult to do, especially when it involves high volume of items. A rugged computer equipped with a barcode scanner can be able to efficiently and accurately track down all the items in the inventory. With the use of an automatic identification data collection or AIDC, the company will be able to lower costs and improve efficiency that is caused by lost inventory.

2. Maintain Accurate Records

Records are maintained properly without having to take a lot of time and effort from the workers. Middle management and workers will feel less pressured to document damages. They are able to properly assess responsibility and find the party who signed off the damaged product. The camera on the rugged computer will be able to document the damage and attach the photo to the inventory’s file in the management system. Then it will send an email to the responsible parties with regards to the damage.

3. Efficient Mapping of Inventor

Through the use of a rugged tablet, workers are able to locate items right away. Inventory will be mapped according to the row and section and can be accessed through the mobile device. This will allow workers to access the system right on the work area, which can save time for employees.

4. Monitoring and Reporting

Businesses involved in handling processes, such as distribution centres, warehouses, manufacturing and logistics can’t afford downtimes and reduced productivity. It will affect customer loyalty and satisfaction. Through the use of a rugged computer, managers are able to monitor the status of the stock, as well as their production lines. A manager can set up alerts to ensure that everything is working accordingly.

To learn more about how a rugged computer can help manage your inventory or integrate it into your AIDC system, contact us. We will be happy to help you with your inquiries.