Managing Big Data with Rugged Tablets in the Oil and Gas Industry

refinery workers inside oil and gas installation

There is no question that managing big data has become a vital part of the oil and gas industry. From examining the data from drilling location, looking over the recovery amount and the daily production rates along with other important statistics is very important for those who operate wells and the executives behind the process to maintain the most efficient environment possible so they can stay competitive.
Part of the reason that big data has become more important is the advent of rugged tablets which allow workers at the site to view the data first hand. It may be that the rugged tablet computer is the most important device added to the oil and gas industry in the past half century.

The History of Big Data with the Oil and Gas Industry

While it may seem like a primitive industry to the untrained eye, the truth is that those in the oil and gas business have been using big data for many decades as part of their overall business platform. Before the turn of the 21st century, the data was managed from the home offices that did the calculations based on measurements from the field.
Today, thanks to devices such as the industrial tablet PC, the data can be directly entered into the system from the site itself. This means that the crews on the site can look at the information and draw conclusions in minutes compared to the old system of sending the info back to the offices where it took more time to reach the same conclusions.
In addition, computers like the IP67 rugged tablet PC allow for the proper management of oil and gas wells around the world which has proven to be a real boon for managers and executives who now receive the information faster and have the latest info at their fingertips.

The Importance of Fast Data

The very term “big data” may be going by the wayside as companies are more interested in “fast data” that their scientists in the oil and gas industry can process quickly and more easily today than ever before thanks to the industrial Android tablet. Every day, technicians, crews, scientist and operators use the rugged Android tablet to keep track of the data as soon as it is entered in the system.
There is little question of that value that having tablets on-site means for the oil and gas industry. This is especially true when they use waterproof table PC devices which are incredibly well suited to hold up against the oil, grease, dirt, water and other hazards that would wreck a standard consumer model tablet in a much shorter period of time. It’s little wonder that the waterproof Android tablet is so popular out in the field.
Basically, the oil and gas industry which has been around for well over a century is now benefitting from new technologies that have greatly improved their efficiency which save money and better allocates the resources needed for oil drilling, fracturing and natural gas extraction.