The Value of the IP67 Rugged Tablet PC

Industrial rugged tablet

When working inside warehouses, on industrial sites or construction areas, the environmental conditions can be particularly hostile to the standard, consumer tablet. The combination of dust, dirt, humidity, temperature changes and even being caught out in the elements can damage, if not destroy most consumer-level tablets within a very short time.

However, the rugged table computer is built to withstand the elements and perform under harsh environmental conditions. By obtaining tablets that are designed for extreme conditions, the company will save money in the long run thanks to their durability. You will need to get tablets that have an IP rating of 65 or above in order to ensure their resistance to harsh environmental conditions.

What Does the IP Rating Mean?

The International Protection or Ingress Protection (IP) rating was developed by the International Electro-Technical Commission (IEC) to have a common, universally recognized system for the consumer to understand the different levels of durability for rugged tablets.

The numbers associated with the protection rating are separated into two digits that inform of their specific resistance. So, for an IP67 rugged tablet PC, the first number “6” denotes the highest level of protection from damage occurring due to impact from solid objects. The rating of the first digit runs from “0” which means no protection up to “6” which is the highest protection of all.

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The second digit denotes the devices ability to resist water or moisture intrusion. In this case, the ratings run from “0” which is no protection up to “8” which is the highest level of protection. So for a waterproof table PC to have an IP rating of 67, it means that it enjoys the best protection against impact and very high protection in terms of resisting water intrusion. Only an IP68 is higher with the “8” rating meaning that it can resist being immersed in water for extended periods of time.

Therefore, a waterproof Android tablet for example can withstand exposure to water in terms of being splashed or dropped in a puddle if its waterproof rating is a “7”.

Why IP Ratings are Important to the Industry

The ratings are important for business owners who want to use industrial tablet PC products that will hold up to the tough conditions of their facilities or sites. A rugged Android tablet for example is not only going to get dropped, bumped and scraped during the course of a typical day, it will also be exposed to a variety of environmental conditions that can wreck a typical, consumer-level tablet.

Industrial tablets with an IP67 rating in particular are well suited for such harsh conditions and provide the best in impact protection as well. While no tablet is invulnerable, having a rating system will help business owners understand which tablet is best for their needs based on the environment in which it will be used.

The IP67 represents the best available on the market in terms of its toughness, water-resistance and overall price. While an IP68 is arguably more water resistant, that type of protection costs more money for situations which rarely, if ever occur on most business sites.