Are rugged tablet with barcode scanner Used for Barcoding a Wise Investment?

Industrial Rugged tablet with barcode scanner - Cruiser BT77

To find the right barcoding solution means having to explore different options that include which product will provide for the best return of your investment. Because a typical mobile barcode scanner is an expensive and somewhat specialized unit, many business owners will look for other types of solutions that better fit their budget.

So, it’s little wonder that the rugged PDA or tablet with barcode scanner has become a viable option for many small businesses. The rugged mobile computer usually takes the form of a smartphone or tablet that offers the same basic services as a dedicate barcode scanner, but does so in the form of rugged mobile computers that are less expensive and can be used for different options.

Are Rugged tablet with barcoding the Best Solution?

There are certainly many advantages that these computers bring when it comes to being used as a barcode scanner. For many businesses, they seem to offer the right solution that helps them with their inventory on a daily basis.

  • Less Expensive than Dedicated Barcode Scanners
  • More Versatile
  • Built to Withstand Harsh Conditions and Impacts

These three advantages seem to point to having a rugged PDA or tablet with barcode scanner in the form of a smartphone or tablet as being the right solution. All it really takes is loading up a barcode software program on a smartphone or tablet that has extra protection courtesy of a rugged case. You can even have your employees use their own mobile devices in the process.

However, there are some considerations that will need to be taken into account first before you start purchasing the software.


Issues with Using Mobile Barcode Scanner Devices

The basic issue with using a rugged mobile computer is many fold as they for the most part they are simply not up to the task that a dedicated barcode scanner can deliver.

Unfit Software: Much of the barcode software designed for mobile devices are not customized for your need nor are they very good at helping the device read the codes themselves. Many employees will find that the software is simply not as strong or reliable as using a dedicated barcode scanner.

Damaging: There have been reports that the software used in some mobile devices has actually damaged the tablet or smartphone in terms of its functioning. Add to this the physical damage that occurs when it is used as a scanner and employees become very wary of using their personal devices as a mobile scanner.

In essence, while it may cost more up front to purchase a dedicated barcode scanner, in the long run it pays off because it is far more suited to the task of scanning items. This is especially true in hostile work conditions where other devices, even those that are seemingly well protected start to fall apart as the wear and tear sets in.

So, for businesses that are looking at long-term costs, purchasing dedicated scanners simply makes more sense as they can last for far longer than smartphones or tablets with scanning software.