With increasing competition, it’s become mandatory for businesses to deliver their best in the least possible time. And the reason is clear – customer retention.

No business wishes to lose its customer base. Still if they fail to deliver at one end, customers are sure to approach another option available in market. In fact, organizations should bare in mind that customers don’t hire a service provider without having a back-up in the first place. So no matter what business you run, make sure you provide deliverable within the deadline. After all, time is money.

But what if you encounter scenarios that lead to further delays? How patiently will customers behave in the situation? And more importantly, how hard your business will be hit with backlog of customer requests?

These questions will make more sense to those who are a part of the supply chain. From logistics business owner to sourcing agent in China, they understand the relevance of timely deliveries made to the end customer. However, they do come across instances when they fail to make their customers delighted with their services. And reasons for those can vary.

Supply chain gets hampered at various occasions, either due to bad weather conditions or lack of collaboration. What’s more? In times like these, suppliers have no clue about the progress made by their teams on delivering goods to their clients. So what’s the solution?

Enters mobile computing devices

But What Are Mobile Computing Devices?

It can be any device that is developed with the use of mobile components. These will include mobile hardware and software. Such portable devices are built to operate, execute, and provide services and application just like a normal computing device.

And What Roles Do They Play?

If examining the use of mobile computing devices in the supply industry, then here are some of the few roles it plays that everyone should know of.

Track Warehouse Management

Understand – there can be situations when employees at warehouse lose track of operations such as picking, packing and shipping of products. This is an outcome of not maintaining the inventory from day one. How do you work towards resolution?

First incorporate the use of a cloud software. It will help you fill in data like:

  1. How many products are being packed at the moment?
  2. Are they ready for shipment?
  3. And how many packages were loaded in a fleet for supply in a day?

I know, sounds complicated. But all this can help you:

  1. Work towards faster turnaround
  2. Boost current employee productivity rate
  3. Increase the number of satisfied customers
  4. Attain better profit margins

But to reach these results, a cloud computing software won’t be enough. You need rugged mobile devices that warehouse managers can use on the go to track every activity and work accordingly. To make sure that accurate results are being tracked through these rugged devices, add the use of radio-frequency identification or bar code scanners to every package. This will ensure proper warehouse management from the grass-root level.

Monitor Fleet Management

Common factors like flat tires to running out of gas end up delaying your supply chain. Even though goods were shipped on time, they couldn’t reach their final destination within the set deadline. But this goes on to show the level of involvement logistics companies plan on taking up during the delivery phase of the products.

So, what can you make out of this situation? To anyone it is clear, that this is an example of bad fleet management.

But hold on. Don’t reach to conclusions. There are various logistics businesses that fail to deliver goods on time due to bad fleet management. Except, there is a feasible way of curbing this situation – integration of automobile solution.

Addition of rugged mobile computing devices in a vehicle can help any business track and capture data like tire pressure, gas levels, and maintenance details. These help to improve safety on a vehicle and boosts the performance of the supply chain. Moreover, your company can enjoy benefits like:

  1. Improved green credentials
  2. Real-time information on the vehicle status
  3. Boosts the practice of providing a delightful customer experience

Track Consignments

Imagine this: You’ve seen your team pick, pack and ship products. Your fleets are all loaded and on their way to the destination. As they unload products at the customer’s store, your men realize that some goods are missing.

This can be a deal breaker. Whether your team fails to provide quick turn-around or lose a parcel, your customers will get a bad impression of your services. And end up hiring your competitors in market. Except, you can’t afford losing them.

That’s why tracking consignments on the go is an essential strategy every supplier should adopt. In case you don’t know where to start, then t is time you integrate the use of printers and hardware that are designed to make tracking and tracing of receipts more accurate. With these printers, you can:

  1. Print accurate labels
  2. Generate legit data barcodes to track and trace your supply consignments
  3. Reduce the frequency of losing parcels
  4. Reduce increasing customer disputes
  5. Boosts your reputation in market

Integrate Means for Seamless Communication

Understand this, delivering supplies to your customers is not limited to the urban areas only. Your teams may travel to areas that are far to ensure that supplies are delivered on time. In such situations, it is important to stay connected with the person in-charge to ensure that no hassles arrive during the delivery process.

To simplify your work, integrate the use of rugged smartphones. They are reliable and won’t crack if the device is accidentally dropped on an uneven terrain. In fact, there are various smartphones that come with a docking station, making collaboration way more convenient.

Know if Supply Reaches Your Customers

Even seamless communication is not enough to make sure that supply has reached your customers on time. To up your game in this phase of the supply chain, ensure to incorporate the use of mobile rugged computers. Its use will help you:

  1. Get proof of delivery with electronic signature capture
  2. Easily identify the product during delivery
  3. Monitor product location
  4. Improves employee productivity and efficiency
  5. Reduces the overhead charges

Delightful Field Service

Your operators have finally reached the destination with the goods in hand. This is the perfect chance for them to demonstrate your company’s dedication towards providing excellent service even in future. The use of mobile computing devices will come to your rescue. With the help of the device, your operators can:

  1. Schedule the next consignment for delivery
  2. Review, revise and schedule the work along the lines with which customers are satisfied with
  3. Provide customers with a base of centralized information on how much time will it take for the next order to reach their doorstep
  4. Showcase photographic evidence that makes the demonstration of the services more simplified

Common Devices Put to Use by Supply Chain Managers for Increased Transparency

These are just some of the benefits that suppliers enjoy after incorporating the use of mobile computing devices. But it is also important the types of devices they use on the go to make it a delightful experience for customers.

Let’s explore some of the common devices you can find with mobile computing manufacturers that increase transparency in the supply chain.

Handheld Computers

Portable and rugged is what some manufacturers call them. They’re easy-to-use and help suppliers use them in any conditions possible. Some even support fingerprint sensor. But that’s not all. These even support barcode scans, QR code scans, and are glove friendly too.

Tablets and Smartphones

Your mobile workforce won’t be left behind. With smartphones and tablets, they can conduct a secure and flexible delivery that matches the needs of your customers. But what sets them aside is waterproof and dustproof features, making them the perfect companions for your contractors no matter where they travel.

Vehicle Computers

These computers are a boon to suppliers. Features like tracking real-time location, gas levels of the vehicle, current tire pressure, and maintenance details to make the vehicle more secure for deliveries makes its use all the more important.

Voice Recognition Solutions

These set of solutions incorporate the use of mobile computing appliances like headsets and inbuilt software. They are great to boost the security of products while your contractors are out for the delivery.

Wearable Computers

As technology has advanced to another level, suppliers will also come across latest solutions like wearable computers. These are comfortable and are known for capturing latest data, helping your delivery contractors keep all their focus on the tasks at hand.

Bottom Line – Boosts Transparency in Supply Chain

Remember: Your customers approach you for an unhindered experience. They want you to deliver their goods on time without bringing them any unrecoverable losses. Plus, it is not feasible for any business to be surrounded by innumerable backlogs of customer requests. Otherwise, most of the time will be lost in resolving them rather than getting started with the real supply chain business.

So to make your supply chain stronger, it is important that you integrate the use of mobile computing devices. They bring in benefits like:

  1. Keeping the warehouse activities in check.
  2. Monitoring of fleets made simple as they indicate when a vehicle needs maintenance.
  3. Tracking on the go assignments in real-time.
  4. Ensuring the products have reached to the end customers in designated time hassle-free.

All these benefits bring transparency in supply chain, making your customers delighted with your services. After all, they’d be happy with constant updates on where their products have reached and how much time will they take further to reach their doorsteps. In short, making the incorporation of mobile computing devices is essential for any business at present. From clients in Shenzhen electronic wholesale market to catering the supply needs of home security retailers, they will appreciate instant deliveries that can be tracked at all stages no matter what.