Frequently Asked Questions

Because Bright Alliance rugged phones/tablets are designed for vertical markets, this section of our website is dedicated to answering our customer’s most frequently asked questions. Still have questions? Send us an email at

What software can I run on the devices?

As long as it operates on a Android OS, it’ll work on Bright Alliance tablets.

How long does the battery last on the Bright Alliance rugged tablet?

It varies depending on which model you have and which battery. Bright Alliance offers extra-long life batteries that will supply up to 8-12 hours on a single charge depending on how the device is being used and the settings.

Is barcode scanning an option with Bright Alliance devices?

Absolutely. Whether it’s integrated in to the device or connected via Bluetooth or USB, all our devices are capable of barcode scanning applications. If you would like an integrated scanner, please take a look at the following devices:

Do these Rugged devices come with a warranty?

Yes. All new tablets purchased from Bright Alliance will come with a 1 year warranty depending on the device. Additional protection is available.

Do you ship your tablets internationally?

Yes. In fact, Bright Alliance has customers in over 20 countries with a reseller partner network supporting those regions. Contact a sales expert today to discuss your opportunity or use case. 

Who manufactures these tablets?

Like most technology vendors, Bright Alliance design and develop the models and has the devices contract manufactured in cooperation factory focus on rugged devices manufacturing.

What is the price of the devices Bright Alliance offers?

Bright Alliance devices start at $205 and go up from there depending on the features and functions needed. The Tablet BATL BT67 is $300, and BH84, BH9, BT77 are currently $400-900 list price.

Learn more about the various types of rugged devices.

What can I use to clean the rugged device?

We recommend using a non-abrasive cleaning substance (409, Glass Plus, etc.) and a soft cloth to clean the unit. Do not spray the cleaner directly on to the device; Spray the cloth. Do not submerge the device or any of the accessories.

What is the expected life of a battery in terms of charging cycles?

You can expect approximately a 20% loss of capacity after 200 full cycles – which would equate to about a year’s worth of being used every business day. This would be common across Li-ION batteries in today’s mobile computers (laptops, tablets). The battery should last several years, but expect to have some capacity drop over time. Keeping the battery cool during the summer months can greatly increase the lifecycle of any battery.

How long does it take to completely recharge the battery?

A Bright Alliance battery should take approximately two – three hours to fully charge.

Do you offer integrated color cameras as an option?

Yes we do. All of our ruggedized devices are equipped with color cameras (typically 8MP). Some of them even have a front-facing 2MP color camera. Please visit our tablets for business overview page to view specific product specs.

Do you offer a Software Development Kit (SDK)?

Regard to all the Bright Alliance devices, we cannot offer any source code from MTK, because we have signed a NDA with MTK. But we can offer the SDK of the optional modules just like: 1D/2D scanner, RFID scanner, Fingerprint sensor…

If you need more, please contact us and tell us the details.

Do you offer OEM/ODM Service?

OEM with customer’s brand is available, we can customize according to your requirements, just like:
1. Logo on the device
2. Logo on the Welcome Screen

ODM also will be welcomed.

Do you offer Sample?

Sample order is welcomed for quality test and market research.