Rugged Tablets For Trucking Companies


We all know that trucking is a tough business. The high operating expenses, regulations, changing fuel costs and especially thin margins have made trucking a business on the line when it comes to the efficiency of the operations and the productivity of the drivers.

As you probably know, PeopleNet is the leading provider of software solutions that help the transportation industry – specifically, the trucking sector. Through the use of advanced mobile communication solutions, they have been helping their customers (trucking companies) to iprove the efficiency and get a great return on investment. Leveraging the growth of technology, their solutions include rugged tablets running custom applications that are proven to:

  • increase the safety and compliance
  • reduce the operating costs
  • boost the productivity of the business and
  • improve its customer service

What Do Rugged Tablets Have To Offer To The Customers (Trucking Companies)

PeopleNet is among the leading provides for rugged tablet software. Ever since they founded the company (in 1994), they have been looking for a partner that can complement their software and one that can provide rugged tablet PCs that will be used in the cab but also as portable computers for pickup and delivery.

As the company stated, they have always been customer-centric, meaning that they always worked in understanding the needs of their customers and adding new functionalities to help them cut costs and ramp up their efficiency. The newest system introduced a partner that provides stellar rugged tablet computers – but also a partner that can provide seamless devices that excel when it comes to safety, reliability, and advanced features like bar coding, picture taking and capturing additional work that increases the ROI.

They found that partner in the company named Bright Alliance.

The Bright Alliance Vs. PeopleNet Solution

As soon as PeopleNet found their partner in Bright Alliance, a new era in rugged tablets began. The introduction of the BT67 was official – as the rugged tablet PC that ideally fits trucking companies and is the most reliable Bright Alliance rugged tablet on the marketplace.

Packed with a Android 4.4, the tablet benefits the trucking fleets a lot. This open operating system connects to the widest variety of systems, apps and periphetals and lets the device grow the footprint overtime. This has been an official statement from the PeopleNet Vice President, Matt Voda, who also said that this rugged tablet PC has the processing power of an Intel CPU, which is extremely powerful and seamless in all operations, from data capture to navigation, fast processing and geo-location of the vehicle.

Aside from the amazingly great features, the rugged tablet PC by Bright Alliance is very portable and able to cope extreme weather conditions, shock and vibration. Operating out of compliance is one of the most expensive experiences for trucking companies – and the rugged xTablet solves this problem really well, performing vehicle and trailer inspection and ensuring that the driver is safe and the fleet is in compliance.

According to many customers, the government regulations have become a lot stricter over the past few years with the CSA going into effect. Fortunately, the tablet lets the trucking companies stay compliant and reassures them that their freight will be  (safely) delivered on time.

The process of delivery starts with the driver logging into the rugged tablet in the truck and taking it out while performing a pre-trip inspection. At the end of the day, the tablet is used to do a similar post-trip inspection – practically an easy process which requires no paper to get lost, no messy handwriting to decipher and amazing convenience with a rugged device.

Rugged Tablets In Trucking Business: How Do They Ease The Process?

The driver’s safety and regulatory compliance are therefore the two most vital features according to customers. The electronic logs, engine data and geofencing result in the best portable proof of delivery system which includes signature capture, bar code scanning and image capture as one of the most innovative new features.

That being said, it is safe to conclude that transportation companies will not longer prosper with the traditional methods of moving freight from point A to point B. Certain technology is a must during this process, mostly because of the numerous issues that may occur. The rugged tablet by Bright Alliance with a name BT67 lets every driver access and capture the information seamlessly, do work at a customer site and update the supply chain accordingly.

The advantages go even further with the driver and his (improved) convenience in the first place. After all, the driver is the focal point in all of these processes. From a driver’s perspective, the rugged tablet eliminates any notations made about the driver’s location – as they are done automatically with the Bright Alliance solution. The only thing the driver does is take the tablet out of the cradle and go inside, which is once again an easy process having in mind that the tablet PC is RUGGED, meaning that it can withstand any pressure, temperature or shock impact.

All the driver has to do is take the tablet and go inside, proceeding with work. In case there are two more skids that need to be picked up and delivered, the driver has to take the tablet out and edit the order to reflect the change. After this is done and they are loaded on the truck, the driver should sign right on the tablet and validate the number of skids that are picked up. After getting back in the truck, the tablet is docked – and a message is automatically sent to the office notifying it of the dispatch, change to the order or the update on the system.

Barcode Scanning And Integrated Color Camera Among The Other Advanced Features

Bar code scanning on rugged tablets is another great feature. Basically, there are a lot of products that need scanning. This eliminates the hefty cost and paperwork and the time that is lost during this traditional process. In a nutshell, the tablet does all the work here – scanning the codes and automatically sending them to the offices.

Color cameras which are integrated in rugged tablets are among the other benefits – and ones that were found to be extremely useful by truck drivers. How they work is that in case of an accident, they are able to take pictures and send them back to the office in real-time. This eliminates any miscommunication and possible damage to pallets and freight.

The extreme ruggedness is definitely one of the best features of the BT67. This rugged tablet PC is built to be military tough and tested to survive even 26 consecutive drops from 5ft to concrete. Not to mention that it excels when it comes to changing temperatures and operates seamlessly through the powerful shell. In other words, rugged tablets are great aside from their technical features – as devices that are able to survive all the bumps, drops, vibrations, rain, dust and practically all harsh environments.

The reality is that there are some competitors of PeopleNet that rolled out non-rugged and off-the-shelf tablets running on Android. However, they have been shown as fragile – which is why the rugged tablet PCs for trucking companies simply MUST be rugged. After all, drivers spend all of their days working in rugged environments and having a device that is rugged is extremely critical.

The rugged tablet PCs with this main feature help the trucking companies to eliminate any potential damage and give them an edge over the competition. Customers love that, just as they love the zero problems or issues coming from these devices.

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Rugged Tablet with Vehicle Mount


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Location: Wetherill Park NSW 2164, Australia
Project complited 2014 / October
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  • IP67 APPROVED, Waterproof, Shockproof, Dustproof
  • MTK MT6582, 1.2Ghz, Quad Core
  • 1G RAM + 16GB Nand Flash ROM
  • 7.0” IPS/AFFS. Resolution: 1280×720 Sunlight Readable
  • 8MP AF back camera + 2MP FF front camera
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz + WCDMA 850/1900/2100MHz
  • Polyer Lion Battery 10000mAh

The Bottom Line Of Using Rugged Tablet PCs And Fleet Management Software For Trucking Purposes

IF we get back to the opening line and once again state that trucking has been known as a tough, low margin business –  after reviewing rugged tablets – we can say that this is not exactly the true we have to believe in. Moving freight for one location to another has never been higher – and trucking companies that deploy rugged mobile tablet PCs and fleet management software solutions are proven to be more effective, productive and ultimately, saving a lot of time and money in the long run.

The return on investment when using rugged mobile tablets and all the benefits of them for the trucking companies include:

  • reducing the days sales from 12 to 2 days
  • improving the inventory accuracy by 10%
  • reducing the stopping time by 10%
  • saving more than $5,000 on fuel per driver per year by reducing the out-of-route miles
  • enabling the remote training on the rugged tablet eliminating travel costs
  • reducing the back office resources from one for every 20 drivers to one for every 50-100 drivers

In the end, these benefits all represent the new technology hitting the marketplace. Rugged tablet PCs are not anymore a privilege, they are a common need for every trucking company. They are amazingly safe, compliant, time-reductive and result in stellar customer service.