The Ultimate Returnable Containers Tracking Solution with handheld RFID scanner


As of recently, CHEP Pallecon Solutions has pivoted to a new Handheld RFID scanner and label technology to become a part of their CHEP-TRAC tracking service of returnable containers. Through Bright Alliance Handheld RFID scanner and labels which play a vital role in tracking these physical returnable assets, the CHEP-TRAC cloud-based solution has been one of the leading on the marketplace.

If you are aware of the trends and new technology kicking in the tracking department, you have definitely heard of CHEP, a Brambles company whose main operations include supply-chain logistics. CHEP’s coverage spreads out to more than 50 countries and specializes in pooling unit-load equipment as well as associated services. Their main focus are the outsourced materials and their management (pallets, crates and containers) in which they primarily serve consumer goods such as dry grocery, fresh food as well as retail and manufacturing supply chains. On top of that, this group operates in the automotive, aviation and oil/gas industries and owns +500 million pallets, crates and containers spread out as a global network.

Introducing CHEP’s New Tracking & Registry Solutions That Work Off-Limits

The new system that is making a leap forward in CHEP’s tracking technology is called CHEP-TRAC. Basically, this is an RFID-based service which allows precise tracking and registry of their assets, regardless of their location or the exact time. Cloud-based, this platform solution eliminates any bottlenecks and minimizes the loss and damage of assets over the asset pool. In practice, it has proven to be among the best solution for keeping the +500mil. network steady.

Bright Alliance is the company that designs and supplies the handheld RFID scanner and labels that are pioneers of this new technology – and ones that are optimized for years-long use on CHEP’s returnable assets. Founded as the one-and-only efficient tracking system at the moment, CHEP-TRAC only requires data to be collected from the returnable assets and then implemented as a whole.

Obviously, there were some challenges at the start of this new system, mostly on CHEP’s side. Fortunately, every single challenge has been resolved thanks to their RFID tag provider – Bright Alliance and their role in investigating and collaborating on the optimization of the RFID tag materials, adhesives and performance that tailored to the needs of the client company, CHEP.

A Lean, Scalable and Easy-To-Use RFID Tracking Solution

We can best describe the solution developed by Bright Alliance as an RFID tag which is amazingly resistant and sticks to even the toughest surfaces for many years, despite the regular in-depth cleaning and extended usage of the containers. Bright Alliance has pioneered the market with this solution and tailored it to the needs of CHEP. The end-result is a reliable and resistant 4-in-1 identification system which works with any other system that utilizes RFID, barcode, 2D data matrix or numerical identifiers.

That being said, then new Bright Alliance system can be best described as lean and adaptive. For smaller companies, it also offers the benefit of scaling, aside from precise and continuous tracking of all assets all the way down the value chain, in each process separately.

Or just like the Sales Director for Bright Alliance In North America, Joe Hoerl, likes to put it:

“The CHEP collaboration represents our core expertise of enabling data to be collected from our customers’ physical world assets for their various digitalized Internet of Things systems. Reliable data is achieved by designing truly optimized Handheld RFID scanner and labels for the containers that face it all in the field and work seamlessly wherever the containers are being used.”

Keith Schall, the managing director of IT Global Containers BRM for CHEP has also stated a few benefits about the system:

“Our partnership with Bright Alliance has allowed CHEP to provide customers with high-quality tags which are sure to stand up to the rigors of manufacturing environments,”explained Keith Schall, Director of IT Global Containers BRM for CHEP, “because of this superior tag quality, we are that much more confident in our data integrity, which propels us toward the ultimate goal of complete asset visibility for our customers.”

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  • MTK MT8382, 1.3Ghz, Quad Core
  • 1G RAM + 16GB Nand Flash ROM
  • 7.0” IPS/AFFS. Resolution: 1024×600 Sunlight Readable
  • 5MP AF back camera + 2MP FF front camera
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz + WCDMA 850/1900/2100MHz
  • RFID(UHF/HF/LF)/1D Scanner/2D Scanner/Fingerprint/Active in Close
  • Polyer Lion Battery 10000mAh
handheld RFID scanner
handheld RFID scanner
handheld RFID scanner


The bottom line is that now, CHEP has a solution that is able to seamlessly track millions of their containers across the globe. The Bright Alliance handheld RFID scanner and tags are a proof of the ever-changing technology that brings value to the tracking technology. However, CHEP doesn’t stop here – next on their list is the temperature monitoring label solution which will definitely add even more value to the customers particularly for delicate and subject-specific products, once again delivered through the stellar RFID technology.