Bright Alliance’s mobile rugged computing can help our customer improve the stock control, distribution process, shipment accuracy, and delivery speed. From order placement to intended destination, we offer a seamless and reliable logistics and distribution service to help you manage the flow of goods with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers, all in real-time.

Equipped with RFID, 1D/2D bar code scanner, NFC module and multiple wireless communications, our mobile rugged computers support product tracking, accurate stock monitoring, product quality control and data transferring. Our products are suitable for warehouse-to-store, store-to-store, or direct delivery to your end consumer.


What You Need

Imagine how much more efficient you’d be if your staff no longer had to manually complete paperwork for stock transfers, or spend time making telephone calls to check availability. Our solutions make their lives easier – and your customers happier.


  • Proof of delivery with electronic signature capture
  • Ease of product identification – costly mistakes are reduced
  • Tracking of items in warehouse and supply chain – reduced admin costs
  • Quick and easy product location
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced overheads

Our Solution

Bright Alliance’s experts have over 4 years’ experience researching and supplying equipment to the logistics sector – we know your business almost as well as you do. Our Rugged Android tablet have been chosen because they reduce turnaround times – operatives can check information remotely, reducing downtime and administration. 


  • Improved productivity.
  • Less mistakes.
  • Satisfied customers.
  • Greater profit margins. 

Related Products


BP25 – Rugged, NFC Reader

The BP25 is a full touch Android mobile device – the latest in industrial smartphones. The 5″ LCD screen has Gorilla Glass 3 applied and a protective casing to improve durability – commonly seen as the biggest problem of the consumer smartphone.


BH84 – Rugged, 1D/2D Scanner

The BH84 PDA is a unique, and quality, wireless mobile solution for improving business efficiency. It is designed for harsh environments and provides powerful and efficient data collection capabilities for the mobile workforce.

rugged handheld pda

BH9 – Rugged, HF/UHF RFID Reader

The BH9 is a smart handheld computer providing remarkably flexible functionality with data collection and communication capabilities. It can support Fingerprint Sensor/RFID Scanner/Barcode Scanner.


BT77 – 1D/2D Scanner, HF/UHF RFID Reader

The rugged IP65 rated BT77 tablet PC, features both an industrial strength 7-inch IPS LCD touchscreen and has built-in barcode scanner/RFID Scanner/Fingerprint Sensor.The screen is viewable in sunlight and Li-Polymer battery.