Public Transportation


Public transport operatives don’t have time to hang about. Queues equal chaos and lost income. In an industry where time equals profits, it is vital that clumsy and confusing ticketing & receipt systems do not hold up the transaction process. Bright Alliance’s products help you get to your customers on time. 


What You Need

We recognise the specific needs of public transportation and ticketing businesses. That’s why we have sourced the best products to cut down on queueing times, improve ticketing, boost customer service and enhance your reputation.


  • Real time ticketing
  • Real time information
  • Real time updates on pricing and routes
  • Improved transaction speed
  • Improved customer service
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Satellite tracking

Our Solution

Bright Alliance’s experts have over 4 years’ experience researching and supplying equipment to the public transportation sector. Our Rugged tablet will help reduce queue times and fuss – making timetabling more accurate and reducing fuel consumption. 


  • Improved green credentials.
  • Enhanced reputation.
  • Better profit margins.
  • It’s a smoother ride for everyone. 

Related Products

rugged handheld pda

BH9 – Barcode/RFID Scanner, Fingerprint Sensor

The BH9 is a smart handheld computer providing remarkably flexible functionality with data collection and communication capabilities. It can support Fingerprint Sensor/RFID Scanner/Barcode Scanner.


BT67 – NFC Reader, GPS+GNSS Receiver

BT67 is the next generation of what will be a full portfolio of mobile computing devices designed to readily integrate with customer applications for the efficient and effective collection and analysis of mission critical data.


BT77 – Barcode/RFID Scanner, Fingerprint Sensor

The rugged IP65 rated BT77 tablet PC, features both an industrial strength 7-inch IPS LCD touchscreen and has built-in barcode scanner/RFID Scanner/Fingerprint Sensor.The screen is viewable in sunlight and Li-Polymer battery.